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1. Trademark

We do not allow for any use of our trademark in any means whatsoever without our written and express permission.
The protected trademark consists of:
i) Our name: Thallium Legal Consultancy
ii) Our logo
iii) Thallium Legal Consultancy shapes

In case you obtain our written permission to use our trademark, you should always make sure to not:
i) use our protected trademark in connection with any other tradename or registered trademark;
ii) amend, re-edit or change any of the protected trademarks;
iii) display our trademark in a way that implies affiliation, partnerships or sponsorships, approval for any services or products unless agreed otherwise;
iv) display our Trademark in a way that is denigrating, unfair, confusing, defamatory, infringing, disparaging, obscene, or illegal;
v) use or register the trademark, domain name or social media account that includes our trademark;
vi) register a trademark that is misleading and can conduct to an assimilation with our Trademark.

2. Copyright and Reproduction Notice.

All contents on this Website and intellectual property rights related to it are solely and exclusively owned by Thallium Legal Consultancy. You are not entitled to post, distribute, or reproduce in any way such Content without obtaining our written consent.

3. Protections of Copyright, Trademark and other intellectual property rights

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