About Us

Thallium Legal Consultancy is a multidisciplinary law firm based in the United Arab Emirates. We strive to understand the diverse needs and interests of our clients on a local and global level. We assist individuals and private companies of all sizes, across various sectors such as e-commerce, telecommunications, retail, real estate, infrastructure, transport, and food and

At Thallium, we prioritize trust and competence and provide our clients with the finest solutions for their legal practices. Our areas of expertise include dispute resolution, commercial contracts, civil law, corporate law, criminal law, employment law, real estate, and tax. We have developed transversal expertise that enables us to intervene in complex issues, including technical, financial, including technical, financial, and legal matters, to provide appropriate and efficient solutions that cater to our clients’ evolving and challenging needs.

Our lawyers are admitted to practice in both France and the United Arab Emirates, and possess extensive knowledge of regional and international laws, making us more than qualified to assist our clients in cross-border issues.

We also carefully select our network of international lawyers, and we have established partnerships in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

Our Services

Dispute Resolution

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Corporate Law

Corporate law is often delicate to navigate around, but with a team of highly qualified lawyers, it becomes...

Real Estate Law

Despite the global health crisis linked to the COVID 19 epidemic, Dubai Real Estate still remain a decent investment opportunity...

International Contracts

At Thallium Legal Consultancy, we have lawyers specialized in international contracts who understand..

Risk & Compliance

Implementing a robust Compliance and Risk assessment program across your business is gaining importance ...

Tax Law

In the United Arab Emirates, the federal government does not levy taxes on the income of individuals ...