Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is applicable and enforceable when using or accessing this Website ( By using or accessing this Website you acknowledge, understand, and accept that this Privacy Policy applies.

Our ethics, principles and values guide everything that we do, including how we use the personal data of our customers. We are strongly committed to keeping your personal data safe and this Privacy policy provides the details regarding the use, collection and storage of your personal data.

1. Definition of personal data

Personal data is any information which can be identified or be identifiable, which can include :

  • your name, your photo provided to us, email address, postal or residential address, date of birth, contact number, financial details such as details of your bank account or credit card which are used for payments etc.
  • Information about your I.T device (such as IP address, which is used to identify your device that can provide further information about the country, region or city you are in).
  • Any information relating to how you use and interact with our websites, apps and services.

This excludes categories of data concerning your race, political opinions, religion, health or sexual orientation which are not collected nor used by us.

2. Cookies policy

By using or accessing our sites or apps, we may use cookies or similar technology to collect extra data including the following:

  • a) Your IP address to identify your device and the country, region or city you are based in.
  • b) Your geolocation data, your GPS data and Wi-Fi equipment details.
  • c) Your browsing history of the content you have visited on our sites including how you were referred to our site using other websites.
  • d) the way you access or use this Website for statistical purpose.

The cookies will be used to streamline your web experience when accessing or using this website

3. Your Rights

We are mindful of your privacy rights and provide you with the choice of joining or leaving our database. You have the right to know if we have any personal information belonging to you or if we have access to such information. For this purpose, you are entitled to:

  • i) Withdraw consent: if your personal information is processed based on explicit consent, you have the right to withdraw it at any time without affecting the lawfulness of the processing before your withdrawal.
  • ii) Accessibility and amendment: you have the right to your data portability, as well as the opportunity to request access to the amendment or deletion of personal information;
  • iii) Objection and request for a restriction: you have the right to object to the collection of your information, on the grounds that are justifiable, to the processing of your data.

4. Use and collect of the information provided to us

We are dedicated and committed to ensure the security and safety of all actions we conduct about any data or personal information handled by us.

By accessing and/or using this Website you consent that we may collect your personal information to manage our relationship with you, whether it be in connection with the delivery of our services, including but not limited to services for marketing, accounting, business incorporation, risk and compliance services etc.

Additionally, you can contact us to inquire about the personal information that we hold, and one of our team will get in touch with you. At all times, we only collect your personal information with your consent and if you give us your information directly or by accessing and using our website. Any information given and designated as confidential will be kept private and protected by our privacy policy and legal obligations.

We can use/collect the personal information provided by your for:

  • Providing accounting, marketing, HR/PAYROLL, and business incorporation services to you;
  • Managing our relationship with you regarding the above-mentioned services and for contacting you to send documents, newsletter or any information about our services and relevant information;
  • Carrying out marketing analyses to better understand your interests and preferences to make our marketing more relevant especially when we promote our own products and services.
  • Complying with any legal requirements/obligations that we have to abide by such as AML/CFT regulations, responding to governments authorities’ enquiries, etc ;
  • security and fraud prevention and to ensure our sites and apps are safe and secure and used in line with our terms and regulations;
  • if you are seeking a job within our organisations.
  • any purpose related directly or indirectly to the above-mentioned details.

We may keep your personal data for as long as it is required to do so. Such duration will entirely depend on the purpose of usage of such data as set out in our privacy policy.

In case we do not require your data for any of the above-mentioned purposes, we will delete if from our records.

5. Sharing of your personal information

We may disclose your personal information to a recipient for the following reasons: i) to update the information that you provided, ii) to provide you with our services, events, newsletters, and any relevant information and iii) for the other purposes disclosed to you.

We may also share your information with third parties when required by applicable laws or if necessary to provide services. Such third parties can for example be lawyers, accountants, governmental, regulatory or administrative authorities, corporate service providers, judicial experts, postal mail services etc.

Your personal information may occasionally and if necessary with our subsidiaries and branches in the United Arab Emirates and/or oversee (currently located in France, Morocco and United Kingdom).

Additionally, we could be required to disclose your personal information to international professional services companies that provide services for us or on our behalf including data storage facilities, advertising partners who assist us in delivering advertising campaigns on our websites, apps and through marketing techniques, banks, credits cards providers in case of online payment, whether within or outside the United Arab Emirates. The level of protection may differ from an international perspective , we try to ensure that all such entities we are working with safeguard your personal information and use it only for the purposes that we have specified and communicated to you.

In any case, we are not selling, renting and distributing personal information to any third party for financial benefit.

6. Amendments

Thallium Legal Consultancy reserves the right to amend/update the Privacy Policy from time to time in accordance with the applicable law. Such amendment/update will become effective once posted on this Website.

7. Governing Law & Dispute Resolution

By using and accessing this Website, you expressly agree that this Privacy Policy will be interpreted and read in accordance with the laws of the United Arab Emirates. Any dispute arising between the Parties out of or in connection with this Privacy Policy shall be referred to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Dubai Courts.

8. Contact

If you have any queries regarding our privacy policy and/or if you want to opt-out from having your personal data used for marketing analysis and/or receive marketing materials from us you can address us an email at the following address: